Our Animals

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About Our Animals

All Our Animals are Naturally Raised! This means they are:

Ethically Raised on Pasture

Free Roaming

Never Fed Antibiotics

Free from  Added Growth Hormones

The proper care of our animals is a top priority for us. The McKay family’s history is rooted in ethically raising animals. Rod started out the farm with a dairy herd he took a lot of pride in, and was awarded a Master Breeders Award for his quality dairy herd. He loves his cows and it shows in how calmly he handles them. After selling the dairy herd in 1993, Rod missed working with cows so much that he got a beef herd.

We have always raised animals the traditional way, on pasture without confinement. We believe having animals happy and healthy means they live a natural life grazing for their food and breathing fresh air. Animal quality of life is a top priority for us, which is why we have small herd numbers and raise our animals free roaming. Our pasture-raised animals are known for their leanness and great taste.

Our animals are not fed antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our meat is the healthy option your family is looking for!

A Day in the Life of our Pasture – Raised Animals


Our animals are able to roam throughout their pastures to graze for the best grass. You will see the herd move around throughout the day. Often in the afternoon they will lay down to chew their cud under the shade of a tree. The animals have free-choice hay and get all the vegetable seconds from the farm. In the winter they are still on pasture with access to the shelter of the barn, but only on a terrible day will you find them wanting in. In winter they are fed hay and some grain, which is all grown here on the farm and is all non-GMO.

The animals play an important role in being a sustainable farm; they help to complete the full circle. Animals eat all the waste plant material from our fruit and veggie crops, they make manure which we then compost and spread onto our fields to help naturally fertilize the land. Without our animals we would have a large gap in the nutrient cycle and we would require synthetic fertilizer to replace it.

Beef Cattle


We have a small cow/calf-to-finish herd of Limousine, Black Angus and Simmental. Our cows are naturally bred with our bull aptly named “Romeo”.   Calves are born on pasture and enjoy green grass from the beginning of their lives. During the summer the cattle graze on grass and the extra vegetables we feed them. In the winter they are still on pasture but get free choice home-grown hay and corn. All of our animals’ feed is grown by us and is non-GMO. Our animals do not receive antibiotics or added growth hormones.

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We have a mixed flock of sheep, which begin giving birth to lambs in the late winter. The sheep love life free-roaming on the pasture by day but each night they are waiting at the gate for the safety of the barnyard. In the barnyard are protected from the coyotes and they get free-choice hay. Our sheep receive top quality hay grown on the farm as well as a little grain, especially after lambing. All the feed is grown here on the farm and is non-GMO. Our sheep do not receive hormones or antibiotics.

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Locally Sourced Pork & Poultry


Our pork is sourced locally from two different farm partnerships.

The Malcom family has been raising pigs on their farm in Nestleton for years. They are a family-run farm who have been providing us with pork for over five years.  They do not use antibiotics.

In 2016, we will be adding variety to our pork selection. We will be offering Berkshire pigs, raised on Coopers Farm in Zephyr. These pigs are free-range, pasture-raised and antibiotic and hormone free. This heritage variety of pig is known for their incredibly flavoured meat.

We carry a great selection of cuts, pork sausage, and thick smoked bacon. Our cottage rolls are definitely a family favourite.


Our neighbor and good family friend raises chickens for us. He was recently approved for an artisanal chicken flock. He will be raising the chickens in several small batches, so we can have a steady supply of chicken. The chickens will be raised on non-GMO feed. This is very exciting because in the past we have been limited by the small flock quota.