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Closin’ for the Season…… Reason we’re Freezin’

As the cool autumn winds blow in winter, things around here have slowed right down. After Halloween, the market’s official closing date, things will pretty much come to a halt for the staff of Willowtree. Everyone will get a break from the early mornings and long days they have put in all season. Even the cows love the days after Halloween because they get fed all the leftover pumpkins. Let me tell you they celebrate this, like a true holiday, gorging themselves on all the delicious pumpkins. They wait for this day as soon as they see the wagons of pumpkins roll by headed to the Market.

 Of course we know that this is a sad time for many of our faithful customers whom, we leave no option, but to buy their produce from the grocery stores. We are truly sorry for this, because we know how horrible of an option this can be. But we have no choice; we can’t grow food in Ontario in the winter. If we could we would, and we have considered all options about how to sell snow, but Ontarians aren’t buying it.  Winter is the time where we plan for next year, look back and reflect and see what we can improve and dream up new ideas to make next season even better.

We appreciate your support all season long, without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. So thank you for coming out and supporting your local farmers and we promise to be back next year with more delicious fresh produce all season long.  Until next year, Keep warm and HAVE FUN!!!! And we will see you in the spring.


 Willowtree Farm