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Animal Experience

Have you ever wanted to see a goat walk on a tight rope? Did you ever want to see a pig roll in mud?

Well, we have some good news for you! Come on out and visit our farm friends and pets. They are sure to capture your hearts.

P.S. Our goats really don’t walk on a tight rope but pretty close to it!

Our Farm Friends include:


Born: June 3, 2014

Junior is a miniature horse or pony, depending on who you ask. But we know one thing, boy does he have spunk and attitude! He is an attention (and food) hog. Some say he is a bully, but we say he’s got personality. Just beware: he sometimes thinks fingers are food so keep your hands outside the fence.Junior

Selma and Patty


Selma and Patty are alpacas. They are the lesser known sub-species in the Llama family. They are very shy with humans, but love each other very much! They are the farm’s “watchdogs”. Whenever someone brings their dog on the farm, they warn everyone by screeching “STRANGER DANGER”.Selma & Patty

Ben, Jerry, Penny, and Pearl

Ben and Jerry arrived to our farm in 2015. They quickly earned their way into our hearts and our customers with their playful manner and friendliness. They love having visitors. Their favorite pastimes include: eating grass from kids, getting rubs from humans, doing funny dances, and head butting each other. Oh and they love to climb on anything and everything.

Ben and Jerry

Penny and Pearl

Because we had so much fun with Ben and Jerry, we decided to give them some girlfriends. Penny and Pearl arrived to the farm in December 2015. Ben and Jerry are officially in love and so are we! Penny is such a sweetheart. She loves having her face scratched and loves to eat corn. Pearl is shy and learning her way around the farm, but always makes sure she has her lipstick applied for all her guests.


Born: January 13, 2016

Jan was born in January of 2016. A New Year’s baby – she came into this world without a worry in the world! We were watching and impatiently awaiting the births of our lambs, watching over all the ewes constantly. Never did we expect little Jan to enter this world so early! She is full of energy – bouncing on top of all the sheep’s backs, and even naps on their heads. We can’t wait for her to show off to all our customers when we open in June.Jan


We can’t resist borrowing some pigs for the farm season from a neighbouring farm. They are so much fun to watch and have such character. They make quite a racket with their snorting, and make quite a mess with their love for mud. And their absolute favourite times of day are: breakfast and dinner! Boy, what a racket they make! They love to eat anything — onions, greens, rotten pumpkins, tomatoes, strawberries, and pretty much anything you give them.Pigs


We have a mixture of rabbit breeds includng: flemish giants, lionheads, and

They are super sweet and love to dig holes, eat all the greenery, shrubs, and bushes we try to plant in their enclosure. They get super excited for all the kids to visit them and get fed blades of grass.

Bunny Rabbits


We have a uniquely crafted aviary in the form of a teepee. Here you can find an assortment of birds including: guinea hens, chickens, bantams, ducks, silkies, and roosters.Birds, Chickens