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Butcher Shop

We have an on-site fresh butcher shop where we offer a wide range of naturally raised, antibiotic-free and no added growth hormone meats. We have three experienced butchers who cut whole carcass meats on-site to provide a wide range of fresh cuts. It is like the good old days where you can talk to your butcher as he is cutting and wrapping your fresh meat before your eyes. Be sure to come and check out our viewing window where you can witness the dry aging process. We make a selection of hand-made gourmet: burgers, sausages, stuffed mushrooms, and more. Harp’s Best Burger is Gord’s family recipe and is the best burger around. We also offer a wide selection of gluten-free and nitrate-free products. Our butchers can cut you exactly what you need for a recipe or special occasion. Come in and see us and we will be happy to help you out.

Buy fresh, local, top quality, sustainable meat.

Why Buy Our Naturally Raised Meats?

Our animals are raised outdoors, roaming and grazing for food naturally, growing at a natural pace. All of our animals are raised ethically; animal quality of life is our top priority. Our animals graze on green grass pastures, have free choice hay and eat non-GMO grain. Our animals do not receive any added growth hormones or antibiotics. We take pride in how we raise our animals and believe a happy and healthy animal provides healthier and better quality meat.

Our animals are hand selected for butchering, to ensure the best quality meat for our customers. Animals are selected based on their health and finishing. Our pasture-raised meats are known for their great flavour, and being lean. You can taste the difference.

The animals are then hung to dry age and then hand cut in our butcher shop by our experienced butcher. Special care is then used to hand cut each piece to offer you top quality meat. Our butcher can also cut to your specific requirements for any special occasion. Our meats are cut fresh daily.

The McKay family is involved in the whole process of raising the animals; from assisting in births, feeding, growing the feed, shipping and processing the animals. We are proud of what we do! Who better to know the best quality than those who are involved in everything from raising the animal to the finishing cuts.

Our Aging and Butchering Process

We hand select our best animals to be sold through our market butcher shop and CSA meat shares. The cattle and sheep are raised here on the farm and processed locally in a government inspected family-run facility. The whole animal then comes back to our butcher shop to be portioned.

Our beef is hung to dry age for a minimum of 21 days to improve flavour and tenderize naturally. We believe in the age-old techniques of hanging the carcass. Good things come to those who wait. We do not use any mechanical or chemical processes to tenderize meat.

After the animals have hung, our butcher hand cuts each piece to ensure quality and perfection in every cut of meat.

You can taste the difference

The Master Butcher behind the Counter

Gord Harper grew up in a butcher shop. Being a butcher has been a Harper tradition for generations. Gord is a master at his trade and has an eye for quality. After decades of working in the industry, Gord is a wealth of knowledge on everything there is to know about meat. Come in and ask him how to prepare a cut, the best cut for a particular recipe, or ask him to cut you something special.


We offer locally raised Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Pork. In the summer we offer a variety of Ontario-grown fish and offer fresh turkeys for holidays. We also have many made-from-scratch items such as gourmet burgers, sausages, meat pies, and more. Look for our GLUTEN FREE meat products.

Meat pies

Our meat pies are handmade in our kitchen, with our own natural beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey.   Pre-cooked and frozen meat pies are ready to serve in about 40 minutes and make a healthy last minute meal idea.  They are the most popular of all the natural meat products.


We have fresh gourmet burgers available, made without any fillers or additives. They are gluten free and all natural meat. Freshly pressed in the butcher shop, they are ready for a summer BBQ. Harp’s Best Burgers gets everyone’s mouth-watering.


We make a variety of different flavoured sausages, from Maple to Hot Italian, all are ready for the grill or bun.

 “Your stuffed pork chops are delicious” ~ Sharon

Bulk Orders

Interested in a bulk order to fill your freezer? We have two popular options to choose from or contact us via email if you want a whole animal or full customizationat


These packages are super popular, fill up your freezer with the best and most natural meats and the bonus is you get a discount for buying bulk! CLICK HERE to view contents of the packs!



Sign up for 6 months of fresh and frozen meat from our butcher shop. You pick up from the store and can choose what meats you want in the shares. For more information on the share program or to sign up, CLICK HERE.