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Maple Syrup

Maple SyrupEach spring we tap 500 maple trees to produce our earliest crop; Maple syrup from our sugar bush. We collect all the pails by hand and boil the sap down in our sugar shack at the back of our property. Did you know it takes 40L of maple sap to produce 1L of Maple syrup?! Maple syrup season is one of the nicest times to get back outside and start harvesting from the land. There is something so enjoyable about producing maple syrup and watching the world come back to life after a long winter. The maple syrup we produce is 100% pure and available in our farm store and at farmer’s markets throughout the GTA.

Maple syrup is a natural and healthy way to sweeten your coffee, tea or enjoy it over ice cream. A family favourite is baked with squash or with beans.

Fresh Pressed Cider

Apple CiderDuring the fall we fresh press apple cider. Each week we make a new blend of fresh pressed apple cider with the apples being picked from our aunt’s farm called Nature’s Bounty. The cider is freshly squeezed apple juice, with no additives or preservatives. It is 100% freshly squeezed apple goodness.

Fresh pressed apple cider is a delicious treat for a fall day. It can be enjoyed both cold and hot. It also freezes well and can be enjoyed for many months. We also offer some fruit blends such as strawberry apple, raspberry apple and wild blueberry apple. Instead of heating the cider to pasteurize, we pasteurize using a UV system, which retains all the nutritional benefits.