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Final CSA Shares

Hey CSA members

Can you believe another season has come and gone? These last 6 months have flown by and things are starting to slow down around here again. We only have 2 weeks left of our CSA program and the farmers markets. The last CSA shares day is Tuesday October 30th and our market closes on Wednesday October 31 so make sure to come in and get your final shares.  Your final meat shares are ready and available for pick up in the market.

We hope that you have enjoyed the season of our fresh fruits and veggies and being part of the farm. At this point we are still picking broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and squash. Aside from that all the rest of our crops have all been picked off and we are now starting to clean up the fields and get them ready for a long winter. We are planting garlic now for next year. This is a great time to plant garlic in your own gardens for next year. You plant the garlic cloves pointy part up, about a 1 ½” deep and then cover it with a mulch (straw or leaves) for some insulation for the winter. In the spring you will see green leave emerging quite early.

Right now our fall herd of cows are calving. We have 9 new calves so far and our bull is in with the spring herd. We have also put in our rams with our ewes, so we expect to be lambing in early March. This year we are expecting many more lambs too, because we increased our herd size to over 100 ewes. We also have some new ideas for next year. We are planning on growing potatoes and sweet potatoes for the first time. We did a small trial of sweet potatoes for ourselves and they turned out great. We also will be growing more melons as well as doing a lot more maple syrup this spring.  You can keep up to date on farm life over the winter on Facebook. I will be sure to post pictures over the winter, especially during lambing.

We hope that you have enjoyed being part of Willowtree Farm CSA program this season. We truly appreciate all the support and enjoy having everyone involved in the farm. It is so nice to see how many people are passionate about supporting local farmers. So thank you for supporting Willowtree Farm and we hope that you all have a great winter season. Hope to see you back next season for another great year.



Kelty McKay

Willowtree Farm