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CSA Options


At Willowtree Farm we offer a variety of different share types and size options. A “share” is the word we use for the basket of fresh produce or frozen meat you receive as a member of our CSA program. We offer fruit and veggie, meat, and egg shares, and you have the option of selecting either a full share or half share from our CSA program, giving you the flexibility to meet your family’s eating habits.

Summer Fruit and Vegetable Share (20 Weeks) Weekly (June – October)

Fruit and vegetable shares start in mid-June and run until the end of October for a 20 week period, giving you the benefit of experiencing all the fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. You can expect a great selection in your basket each week. Because we grow over 30 different fruits and vegetables, your basket will be different each week.

Winter Fruit and Vegetable Share (16 weeks) Biweekly (November -June)

We also offer a winter farm share for families that want to continue eating Ontario produce. Winter shares are picked up from the farm bi-weekly (no delivery option). They include a wide selection of winter produce, such as squash, onions, beets, carrots, apples, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, leeks, etc. As well, winter shares will include fresh Ontario greenhouse veggies such as tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and peppers. As we approach the Springtime, early crops like asparagus, spinach, leafy greens, and rhubarb are included in the shares.

Pick up from the farm occurs bi-weekly from November through June.

Full Share

Full Shareweb

A full share is designed to feed a family of four or more giving you a wider selection of produce. Each week’s share will contain between 9-12 different items depending on what is in season.

Half Share


A half share is perfect for a smaller family, a couple or even an individual depending on your eating habits. Each week’s share will contain between 5-9 different items depending on what is in season.

Egg Shares

Egg shares are weekly and can be delivered with your fruits and veggies or picked up from the farm. You can choose to receive a dozen or two each week. Our eggs come from another local farm in Ashburn.

Natural Meat Shares  (6 months)

Our meat share offers you a monthly basket of different cuts of our top-quality meats free from added hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are pasture-raised and fed only non-GMO feed grown on our farm.  The program runs for 6 months from June to November. Each month you can expect to find a good selection of different cuts of meat, from steaks and burgers for grilling, tasty meat pies, sausages, ground meat, and kebob pieces. You can choose between beef, lamb, pork, and chicken to be included in your share.   Based on your selection each share is individually packed. We also offer GLUTEN-FREE meat shares.

When choosing your share, a full-share is ideal for a family or couple who eat meat with most meals.  A half-share is a great option for a smaller family, couple or idividual who eat meat 2-3 times a week.

Our Meat Shares Run:

Summer (June- November)

Winter (December- May)

Why Choose Us?

We stand behind our quality produce. If you are not happy with our produce we will replace it.