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The Importance of Buying Local Food

At Willowtree Farm, we take pride in our ability to provide people with fresh, delicious and local food. As a consumer, there are many great reasons to purchase local food- here are the top four!


Buying local… Supports Farmers

By purchasing food from your local farmers, you are supporting their business and contributing to the local economy. It is important for consumers to eat locally so that farms can have a future and continue feeding people for years to come! In addition to supporting your local farmers, you can build relationships with them, creating a sense of community. Having this close relationship allows you to learn more about the food you eat- it’s history, where it comes from, and how its grown! Farmers feed cities!


Buying local… Promotes Environmental Sustainability

When you purchase food locally, you are promoting environmental wellness. Simply put, less energy is necessary for transportation when food is bought locally, meaning less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Farming also promotes biodiversity and preserves air and water quality. Eating locally is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!


Buying local… Tastes Better!

Now, you’re not just doing the farmers and Mother Earth a favour by buying locally, but you’re doing your body a favour too! Local produce is generally quite fresh- meaning it tastes a whole lot better! Knowing the food that you’re eating comes right from the farm to your plate (rather than through a long travel process with plentiful packaging) creates ease of the mind- and stomach! Fresh food is jam-packed with flavour- and the fresher the produce, the higher the nutritional value- meaning its healthier for you too!


4. Buying local… Saves YOU Money!

Generally speaking, produce is a lot less costly when it is in-season rather than when purchased out of season. When you are purchasing locally, you are sure to be buying food which is in-season, making it more affordable. Furthermore, because there are less transportation costs when buying food locally, saving a trip to the grocery store can save you some cash as well!


Make a positive impact in your community and continue to buy local food from local farmers. If you’re in the Port Perry area, be sure to stop by Willowtree Farm, where we provide only the best, local Ontario products for our customers. Interested in having a box full of our locally-produced goods delivered straight to your door? Feel free to ask about our CSA Shares program! Remember- “Good things grow, in Ontario!”