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This Little Piggy Went to the Pasture: Berkshire Pasture Pork

When visiting our on-site butcher here at Willowtree Farm, you might find yourself questioning the price tag of some of our pork products. Why are they more expensive than conventional pork products? We can answer that! These pricier products are sourced from Berkshire pastured pork located at Cooper’s CSA Farm in Mt. Albert, ON.

The Berkshire pig is a rare, heritage breed which has been around for hundreds of years, originating in England.

These pigs are…

  • ethically raised
  • hormone/antibiotic free
  • free-range
  • pasture fed

Their diet consists leftover cull vegetables, eggs and a small amount of grain for marbling. Being fed a small amount of high quality feed improves the flavour of the meat, giving it just enough fat for premium cuts. These piggies are not piggin’ out!

Not only do the pigs eat well, but they also stay in shape with sufficient exercise! They have ample space to roam in a combination of open field and forest, where they enjoy rolling in mud holes, running in the pasture and relaxing in the shade. This humane practice of raising pork allows for happier pigs and a healthier you.

If you are looking to purchase high quality meat, supporting a practice which is beneficial to both you AND the pigs, come to Willowtree Farm and try some of the incredible Berskshire pastured pork cuts which we offer!