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Looking Good in Orange

As the leaves change around us, the farm slowly turns from green to orange. It’s a full circle at this time of year, the fields are virtually empty and most of the crops have been picked off. But the farm looks good in its fall colours. I think it might be the nicest looking time of year at the farm. The market is decorated with corn stalks, straw bales, gourds and decorative corn. A cornucopia of different squashes and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes can be found around the market, surrounded by a back drop of maple trees and their changing colour. It really looks like a bountiful harvest around this time of year, with bins and bushels full of all kinds of goods.

 There is something about this time of year, that even though it is starting to get cold, it’s just so nice to be outside. Many people I think feel the same, because the weekends have been busy with people exploring the farm and picking their pumpkins for Halloween. This year we created a pumpkin patch in front of the market so people can have fun exploring the pumpkin patch.

As for fresh produce still from our fields; we are still picking a few things, including believe it on not, STRAWBERRIES! We have been really lucky and they are still producing slowly but surely for us. Along with the strawberries we still have broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and a few tomatoes. We have lots of apples, and squash that have already been picked and how could I forget cider. We are still pressing fresh cider each week. So even though things are starting to wind down, there is still a lot to keep us busy.