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Meet the McKays

Rod McKay


Rod was the “real deal”. Rod was raised on a hobby farm, which started his love for farming. After attending the University of Guelph in Agriculture, he started harvesting cash crops and raising dairy cattle. Rod started the farm with nothing, gradually adding to his herd. Eventually, he added strawberries and then other produce to his list of farming accomplishments. When he sold his dairy herd, he continued raising cows for beef. He was the ultimate animal lover — treating all living things with respect and dignity. Not only did Rod grow this farm into a bustling business, he taught his sons how to grow the tastiest and freshest produce ever. Ok, maybe a little dramatic but we are biased! He drove a tractor with finesse and loved being out on the land every day.

Rod McKay

Marlene McKay


Marlene grew up in a rural area of Ontario, raised on a strawberry and vegetable farm. Working alongside her father in the fields, she developed an intense desire to work hard and naturally, a love for strawberries. After meeting the love of her life, Rod McKay, and moving to his farm in Port Perry, she started selling strawberries on the side of the road. When introduced to farmer’s markets, Marlene found her second passion. She loved creating lasting relationships with her customers, fellow colleagues, and using her quirky sense of humour to entertain all those around her. Her astute business sense and love for farming resulted in a bustling, beautiful farm business that now supports three families. As much as she was dedicated to being a farmer, her love for her family always came first. She is testament to a life fully lived, never a dull moment, and always ready to have a laugh.

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.

Marlene McKay

Jordan McKay

Having grown up on Willowtree Farm, Jordan is no stranger to farm life. When he graduated high school, Jordan left the farm to attend university to study Agricultural Business.

Afterwards, he pursued his skiing career, living all over the world including Australia and Japan. But when he got the call that help was needed on the farm, he immediately came home. Jordan stepped right in alongside his mom, managing the retail side of the business. He inherited his mom’s passion for selling produce at farmer’s markets.

He’s always on the move – catch him if you can. No day is ever the same for Jordan, juggling all the daily tasks associated with the family business.

Jordan McKay

Alex McKay

Alex grew up on the farm, and developed a passion for “living off the land”. Alex attend University in Thunder Bay and graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Forestry.

After his studies Alex return home to being farming along side his father. Al is passionate about growing and enjoys trying new crops and innovative ways to grow.

Kelty McKay

Kelty McKay

Kelty was raised in London, Ontario. Not having grown up on a farm, when Alex asked her to follow him to work and live on his family farm, she didn’t know quite was she was getting herself into. That being said, Kelty fit right into the folds of the farm. She started working in the farm store and going to farmer’s markets. Through the years, she has assumed greater responsibilities, which include a mix of field and retail work.

Alyson McKay

Alyson was raised in Michigan, having no farming background. She attended university and traveled the world.

Fate stepped in, and introduced Alyson to Jordan McKay. Love works in mysterious ways and very shortly afterwards, Alyson found herself living on the farm and married to a farmer.

While having her own career, Alyson attended a few farmer’s markets as a volunteer, and now Alyson can be found working full-time job on the farm.

She can be found in the market helping customers and adding style to the store.

Ian McKay

Ian was born to proud parents, Alex and Kelty, in January 2015. Ian has already been working hard on the farm serving customers in the farm store and at farmer’s markets. He has attended conferences, picked brussel sprouts, collected maple syrup, harvested crops in the tractor, and a host of other farm duties. But most of all, he has given wide smiles to many staff and customers alike, brightening up the environment wherever he goes.

Roddie McKay

Roddie is the newest addition to the McKay family. He is all smiles and full of joy. Though still too young to become a full-time employee, Roddie attends family meetings and enjoys working alongside his mom – though he isn’t a fan of office work! We are so happy to have Roddie around to make all the customers and staff smile and coo.

Wynne, Blue, Pepita, Vin, Charlie, Minnie, Monkey, and Jag

Last but not least, we would like to introduce all the furry family members that reside on this farm.