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Spring means new life on the farm

Cows and Calves in Pasture

Spring is an exciting time to keep an eye on the cows in the pasture. May and June the cows give birth to new calves, so far this year we have had 18 new calves born. There are also still several cows, as wide as a couch, which means we are expecting several more calves in the next couple of weeks.

New Calf

            It is true a miracle of life to watch how quickly the calves are able to first stand on their wobbly legs. Then within minutes of being born they are able to walk and run. Once they “find their legs” they are black bundles of energy. They love to run to and for, with random kicks and jumps for emphasis throughout the pasture.  But they are never too far from mama, who always has her eye on them. The cows are very protective mothers and keep the predators away; even our farm dogs get charged if they get too close.

Calves and Cows in Pasture

Calves and Cows enjoy the Green Pasture

            From the pictures you can see that the mothers are brown Limousin cows, but their calves are all black. This is because we have a Black Angus bull. The cross results in calves which appear all black, but are actually a Limousin/Angus cross. Once the calves get there winter coats you are able to notice their Limousin side, because they grow longer fuzzy red/brown hairs.

Why cross the breeds you ask? The reason is the Limousin cattle are a little “wilder” and harder to work with, but are a desired species for their quality lean meat and high yeild. Black Angus are calmer animals and therefore easier to work with and well known for their flavour.  The result of crossing the breeds is easier to deal with calves with higher yielding, lean flavourful meat.  Making our lives easier and the job safer,  when we have to work with the cattle, and a tasty lean meat for the BBQ!!