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Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

PICK-YOUR-OWN STRAWBERRIES WILL BE BACK IN 2024! Thank you for a ‘BERRY’ sweet season!



Basket Pricing

Strawberries will be sold by container instead of weight. Make sure to fill your basket!

All baskets provided are clean & unused. Sorry – we do not allow pickers to bring their own containers. 


You can prebook your tickets online (HERE>>) or pay onsite. Debit, credit & cash will be accepted. Baskets must be pre-purchased before entering the field. All baskets are final sale. We do not provide refunds for any baskets purchased.

Field Etiquette

Pickers must stay and pick in their assigned rows. Children must always be accompanied by an adult in the field.

We know you’re excited to taste your freshly picked berries but we do ask that you kindly wait until you get your berries home. There will be no sampling or outside food allowed in the fields. Recommendations from the health authorities advise that you wash your hands & food before eating.


Pick-Your-Own Strawberries will be open, depending on weather and picking conditions. Please stay tuned for any announcements.


Can I bring my own containers?

No, sorry – we do not allow pickers to bring their own containers. All baskets provided are clean & unused. You pre-pay for your berries by container (1L, 2L or 4L) instead of weight, so make sure you fill up your baskets!

Can we bring our dog?

We love dogs and have several on the farm, but dogs are not allowed in the PYO fields. Please leave the pets at home, they won’t mind as long as you share some strawberries with them when you get home!

Can we bring a stroller?

We recommend against this as strollers are difficult to use in the fields.

Can I enter the pick-your-own field without purchasing a Pumpkin Palooza ticket?

Anyone wishing to the enter the pick-your-own field must purchase a Pumpkin Palooza ticket.  Tickets can be purchased on our website or on-site.

How are you still picking strawberries at this time?

These strawberries are our ever-bearing strawberries and they continue to produce until mid October. Come learn and see for yourself!