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Animal Experience

Have you ever wanted to see a goat walk on a tight rope? Did you ever want to see a pig roll in mud?

Well, we have some good news for you! Come on out & visit our farm friends & pets. They are sure to capture your hearts. The animal experience is open year-round during store hours!

All year round you can visit our goats & pigs. Our goats have won our hearts (& our customers!) with their playful manner & friendlessness.  They love having visitors & will be sure to run over & great you when you come to say hi.  Their favourite pastimes include: eating grass from kids, doing funny dances, climbing on anything & everything & heat butting each other! P.S. Our goats really don’t walk on a tight rope but pretty close to it!

Our pigs are a little on the lazier side, and love lounging in the sun, rolling in mud & of course, eating delicious veggie scraps that the kitchen brings them to snack on.

In the summer, the farm welcomes guest visitors to the animal experience: bunnies & birds! We have a new uniquely crafted aviary. Here you can find an assortment of birds including guinea hens, chickens, bantams, ducks, silkies, and roosters.